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Zero tolerance for illegal acts

Police today emphasised they have zero tolerance for unlawful acts and pledged to take every such case very seriously.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement at a press conference this afternoon.


Over the weekend, many citizens were beaten up by mobs and sustained serious and life-threatening injuries, Mr Tse said.


?We must bear in mind with the intense and extensive violence used by rioters, everyone in the society is a loser.


"The escalation and extension of violence have caused widespread fear among the public. We are deeply concerned by the worrying trend that more and more innocent citizens are suffering at the hands of the rioters.


?Weeks after weeks and months after months, these radical protesters are tearing our society apart and tearing down our core values, including the rule of law.


?As we have pledged to all Hong Kong citizens, Hong Kong Police take every case very seriously and have zero tolerance for all unlawful acts.?


Mr Tse also urged people to stamp out violence.


Police arrested 89 people in the past three days, bringing the total number of people arrested since June to 1,453.

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