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Smart lampposts meeting held

The Multi-functional Smart Lampposts Technical Advisory Ad Hoc Committee held its second meeting today to discuss the technical application and privacy protection of smart lampposts.


At the meeting, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Lands Department and Transport Department officers briefed members on the technologies and operation of smart devices in smart lampposts including the technical scope and related privacy protection of four applications.


The two applications with activated functions include transmission of signals for positioning by radio frequency identification (RFID) devices; and using cameras to take traffic snapshot images and releasing such images as open data.


The other two applications with inactivated functions include assessment of average traffic speed and travel time with the aid of a Bluetooth traffic detector; and calculation of road traffic by different types of vehicles through the collection of vehicle licence plate numbers with the aid of cameras.


Members had an in-depth discussion and made some initial recommendations on these functions in relation to technical applications, data handling and privacy protection, such as enhancing transparency and adopting alternative technologies.


After the meeting, they went to Shing Kai Road in Kai Tak to inspect the internal structure of smart lampposts and the smart devices.


Click here for the discussion papers.

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