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Police regret lawmaker's accusations

Police today expressed deep regret about the multiple accusations made by legislator Tanya Chan at the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding its law enforcement operations since June.


In a statement responding to media enquiries, Police said since June, a series of protests have become increasingly tense and escalated in violence. In various districts, protesters committed extensive destructive acts such as hurling petrol bombs, setting fires and paralysing traffic.


In the face of protesters? lawless and illegal acts, the force always exercises a high level of restraint and tries to restore public order and protect the general public?s safety.


There are stringent police guidelines for the use of force, and the force to be used will be the minimum necessary for achieving a lawful purpose. Officers will give warnings before using force and when circumstances permit.


The people involved will be given every opportunity, whenever practicable, to obey police orders. The use of force will cease once its purpose has been achieved.


Regarding Ms Chan mentioning detainees? rights and custodial search procedures, Police emphasised that they always respect detainees? rights and will arrange for them to communicate with relatives and lawyers as soon as possible, given that there is no unreasonable delay or hindrance to the investigation or administration of justice.


Moreover, Police will not obstruct any person from receiving medical treatment during investigation in a hospital or any operation. Police also respect patients? privacy and any rights a person should be entitled to.


Police have existing guidelines and procedures for body searches. They will consider conducting a body search that requires removing clothing only with strong justifications, and will arrange for an officer of the same sex as the subject to conduct the search.


The force also refuted Ms Chan?s accusation that detainees were being harassed and humiliated by its officers.


?We have clarified repeatedly that we have not received any formal reports or complaints. We take such groundless accusations very seriously and doubt the source of information.


?Police appeal to anyone who has concrete evidence to come forward to make a report so that Police can follow up and investigate.?


On Ms Chan accusing officers of shooting bean bag rounds at a woman causing her to go blind in one eye, Police pointed out that the case is still under investigation and a judicial process.


?Before there is any investigation finding, no one should make any reckless conclusion.?

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