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Police notified of public meetings

Police today announced it received notifications from five groups for holding public meetings near the Legislative Council and the Central Government Offices on June 12.


Speaking at a press conference, Police Senior Superintendent (Operations) Hong Kong Island Ng Lok-chun said the force is discussing the details of the public meetings with the organisers.


?We expect these different organisations, the meetings will be peaceful. But of course, due to public order and public safety considerations, we will discuss details on how they are to conduct these meetings, so as to make sure that they are conducted in a peaceful manner.


?And for the Police's arrangements on these meetings, we will be conducting different threat assessments and make sure that we have enough, sufficient manpower to police these events.?


Mr Ng called on those who plan to join the public meetings to take public transport to get to the venue and listen to police instructions at the scene.

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