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HK virus cases comparatively low

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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said that the number of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong is very low compared to other countries.


Mrs Lam made the statement during a press conference this evening.


She said the best way to look at the effectiveness of the Government?s measures against the virus' spread is to look at the incidents of infection as well as the absolute cases in Hong Kong.


?Yes, we are very worried by the surge in cases in Hong Kong, especially a record-breaking 65 cases today.


?But if you look at the comparison, Hong Kong ranks very low when compared to other countries in terms of both the absolute numbers and also the incidents of infection per one million population.


?I wouldn't say that this is entirely credited to or the result of government intervention. That is also the collective efforts of the people of Hong Kong.?


Mrs Lam pointed out that the Government has regularly made announcements, introduced measures as well as enacted at least four new regulations.


?All these efforts point to the direction of trying to contain the spread of this virus.?

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