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HK GNI up 3.8%

Hong Kong's Gross National Income rose 3.8% year-on-year to $759.7 billion in the second quarter while Gross Domestic Product grew 3.5% to $698.7 billion, the Census & Statistics Department announced today.


The city?s GNI was larger than GDP by $61 billion in the second quarter, which was equivalent to 8.7% of GDP in that quarter.


After netting out the effect of price changes, Hong Kong's GNI increased 0.8% in real terms compared to a year earlier, while the corresponding GDP grew 0.5%.


Total primary income inflow into Hong Kong - estimated at $478.2 billion and equivalent to 68.4% of GDP - was up 4.1% compared to the previous year.


Total primary income outflow - estimated at $417.2 billion and equivalent to 59.7% of GDP - increased 3.6% year-on-year.

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