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Healthy campus programme set

The Department of Health will launch the two-year Health Promoting School Programme in 30 primary and secondary schools in the 2019-20 school year.


The programme will assist participating schools to identify specific health priorities and develop school-based health promotion action plans.


The department's community medicine consultant Dr Thomas Chung announced details of the programme at a press conference today, saying Health Promoting School is an idea promulgated by the World Health Organization.


He said: "A health promoting school allows students to acquire knowledge and skills for healthy living which bring life-long benefits.


?Research suggests that students' levels of physical activity and dietary habits have a strong association with academic achievement, in particular a higher level of physical activity has positive effects on skills in mathematics and reading."


Dr Chung added the programme will focus on four areas - physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and social well-being.


A team under the department's Student Health Service will provide support for participating schools to help them attain their goal to build a healthy campus.


Seminars and workshops will be organised to help the schools gain a better understanding of the programme's concept and implementation skills.


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