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CE inspects pre-school services

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today visited a nursery school providing pre-school rehabilitation services in Causeway Bay.


Mrs Lam was briefed by the school principal on its day childcare and education services and toured the integrated education classroom where she saw children with special needs receive training under On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services.


She also met tutors and parents of children with special needs to learn more about the service's effectiveness.


Mrs Lam said the 2017 Policy Address proposed to regularise On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services in the 2018-19 school year and increase the number of service places from 3,000 to 7,000 incrementally.


The pledge will be realised next month, enabling more pre-school children with special needs to receive necessary training early in their prime learning period.


"Children are our future. The Government will continue to allocate substantial resources and roll out measures to create the best environment conducive to the growth of children," Mrs Lam said.


With the increase in the number of places for On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services next month, the number of non-governmental organisations operating the services will be increased from 18 to 21.


The number of kindergartens and kindergarten and childcare centres providing the services will also be raised from 709 to 852, covering more than 80% of these schools and centres in Hong Kong.


The Government will continue to review the demand for such services as well as the manpower of relevant allied health professionals to achieve the policy objective of zero waiting time.

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